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Foreword from the editor...

Today is the 1978 of 3D printing and you should feel incredibly lucky because you are in the right place at the right time.  I was lucky too, because I will get to be part of that excitement once again.

Hopefully, the experience I gained during the growth of the PC as a programmer and executive will help us to capitalize on the eminent growth of the 3D printer which is happening RIGHT NOW.

I will be writing about some of the inventions I am working on, asking for your advice, and offering it when asked.  I hope you will do the same.  Together we have a much better chance of doing something great if we interact and share what we know. is intended to inspire you by showing you the best of the best in new inventions and innovations while providing a platform for creative people to share ideas about their own inventions, improvements, obstacles, patents, and the myriad of unnamed things that may play a part in making your idea into a reality.

If you ever fail to get an answer to your question from the community, you can contact me directly so I can help investigate it or tell you I don't know either.  There is a great deal of experience in these matters available from the contributors on this site.  Use it, enjoy it, and make sure you keep it fun.

About the Editor

Greg Adams

Once we 3D print this home, everything will change...
Can you imagine building a traditional home once you've seen the rounded corners, vivid colors, and smooth finishes on a 3D printed home?

3D printers are already printing with glass, PVC, and copper.  Soon, the  thick material nozzle technology (this is one of my projects) will open up stucco and interior wall printing as well.  Eventually, plumbing and wiring will also be printed directly from the architecural blueprint as the house is being built.

Lower building and labor cost, almost zero waste, and most of all, consumer demand will cause the technology to grow at a very fast rate.  Unfortunately, the demand for those building products and services not used by this new technology will decline.  Those that are ready to adapt to the new methods however, will see amazing growth in the need for their services.

Each of these important topics is discussed in this issue along with videos, animations, and images of these printers actually at work.  We have spotlighted this important technology in this issue in the hopes that it will entertain and educate you.    read more about this important topic...
1st Annual
Rocket League Beauty Contest

It's here! A chance to show off your favorite Rocket League car designs.  Upload as many designs as you like but if you have a favorite go ahead and get it done because votes for duplicate designs go to the first uploader.

Click to see all of the cars and to vote on your favorite designs. If you love Rocket League you might like it here.

How does 3D printing work? (100 word answer)

Consider the 3D printed pyramid below.  It is made up of 6 layers of smaller triangles.  If you printed 50 copies of each triangle and cut them out, the stack of paper would look just like the pyramid. That is exactly the way a 3D printer works! Instead of ink, it just uses something thicker than ink that dries quickly. It prints one page (or layer)and then raises its print head by the thickness of the last page (or layer) and then prints the next page right on top of the dried layer it just printed.  It is called a 3D printer simply because the print head can raise and lower itself in addition to moving in the 2 directions of a normal printer.

Does the Tesla Turbine spin faster than anything on earth?

Yes it does. In fact, we don't even know how fast it can do because we don't have a way to balance the discs to handle the speed. A car does 7,000-8,000 rpms, the fastest rotation by a Rolls-Royce jumbo jet turbine is 58,000 rpms, but in this article you will see a video of a small 2 inch diameter plastic tesla turbine spinning at 144,000 rpms from only 60 psi of air.

The famous inventor, Nicholas Tesla's 100 year patent expired recently and everyone, me included, started playing with it. Initially it did not work even though the physics were sound. Thanks to some the amazing inventors on YouTube that shared their knowledge, those problems have been resolved. This article discusses the applications, obstacles, and opportunities this new invention will offer.       read more about the tesla turbine...